Piped Speaker Kit


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Product Overview

The Redtronic Piped Speaker Kit comes in two options, long pipe speaker cowl at 430mm length & short pipe speaker cowl at 180mm length. The Piped Speaker Kit is the perfect solution for when space is a restriction to mounting warning products to the vehicle. Coming with a flexible pipe directly from the speaker to the cowl allows installation to be to be flawlessly easy. Redtronic's Piped Speaker Kit is one of the most cost-effective premium models in comparison to any others on the market with the Redtronic version offering 100w of power, dust and water resistant, and working with sirens at 12 or 24volt - the Redtronic Piped Speaker Kit comes in a tough durable aluminium housing assembly resulting in an extremely quality proven product. The Redtronic Piped Speaker Kit comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Material Type: Durable aluminium assembly
  • Shape: Space Saving Pipe Speaker
  • Siren Use (Voltage): Use with 12 or 24 volt siren
  • Redtronic Siren compatibility: Compatible with EM500 Siren
  • EMC: EMC/R10 Compliant
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Impedance: 11 Ohm
  • Nominal Power: 100w
  • Frequency Range: 180-7000Hz
  • Operating Temperature
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

  • Tone / Decibel Output (Height 1.15M) EM60P/PCL
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 113.6dB-115.6dB (1m)
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 108.2dB-111.6dB (2m)
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 106dB-106.8dB (3m)
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 98.8dB-99.1dB (7m)
  • Tone / Decibel Output (Height 1.15M) EM60P/PCS
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 113.4dB-114.8dB (1m)
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 108.7dB-109.1dB (2m)
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 104.2dB-106.5dB (3m)
    • Wail, Yelp, HiLo & Phaser 96.8dB-99.9dB (7m)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review